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  • A Congruent Reality (1969 original at San Francisco Art Institute)

    Eugenia P. Butler

    A Congruent Reality belongs to a series of installation sculptures that consist of short statements meant to provoke thought. Crossroads students will reproduce this piece and display it in several unexpected locations throughout the school and in the greater community.

    Text on aluminum plate; time-based perceptual/conceptual event (conscious presence within the continuum of time) 8 x 64 in
    © Estate of Eugenia P. Butler

Crossroads School, Sam Francis Gallery

She Accepts the Proposition: Women Gallerists and the Redefinition of Art in Los Angeles, 1967-1978

The mid sixties to the late seventies marked a particularly fertile, experimental period in which several new art movements rapidly emerged to challenge customary notions of audience reception. While early dealers such as Irving Blum and Henry Hopkins have been canonized for promoting innovative artists, the role of other galleries and dealers in the Los Angeles scene of that era is less well known. With She Accepts the Proposition, we examine the critical contribution of Los Angeles women art dealers in particular to the advancement of nontraditional art practices, in the period from 1967 to 1977.
10/01/2011 11/22/2011
Crossroads School, Sam Francis Gallery
1714 21st Street
2nd Floor, Peter Boxenbaum Arts Building
Santa Monica, CA 90404