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  • California Loop Series #4 (1970)

    Marvin Lipofsky

    "A pioneer in the nascent glass movement that launched in the late 1960s, Marvin Lipofsky was one of the first artists to transcend the vessel form and explore the sculptural potential of glass. As a teacher at University of California, Berkeley, he was responsible for introducing glassblowing to a new generation. Between 1968 and 1973 Lipofsky created the California Loop Series, now viewed as a milestone in abstract blown glass forms. Encouraged by the openness to materials and spirit of experimentation prevailing among Bay Area artists of this period, Lipofsky freely exploited unconventional materials and techniques such as flocking, paint, and electroplating on his glass sculptures. These materials and processes produced high-keyed colors and textural contrasts, resulting in seductive and tactile surfaces that enhanced the organic shape of the loops. California Loop Series #4 is a compelling example of Lipofsky’s inventive aesthetic."—Jo Lauria, Curator, Golden State of Craft: 1960–1985)

    Blown glass, paint, rayon flocking, flotation foam, epoxy 10.5 x 14.5 x 8 in
    Courtesy of the artist

  • Jim Bassler Installing Weaving (1982)

    Jim Bassler

    Photograph by Don Reese

  • Ralph Bacerra with Insect Form (date unknown)

    Ralph Bacerra

    Courtesy of Cindy Bass. Photograph by Tony Cuñha

  • Untitled (ca. 1965)

    Marguerite Wildenhain

    Courtesy of Forrest L. Merrill. Photograph by M. Lee Fatherree

  • Ate by Ate (1967)

    Merry Renk

    Courtesy of Forrest L. Merrill. Photograph by M. Lee Fatherree

  • Edison Table Lamp (1968)

    Charles Hollis Jones


  • Untitled (ca. mid-1960s)

    Ruth Asawa

    Courtesy of Forrest L. Merrill

  • Flowers (ca. 1965)

    Gere Kavanaugh

    Photograph by Jay Oligny

  • Sam Maloof with Miniature Rocker (date unknown)

    Sam Maloof

    Image courtesy of Beverly Maloof

  • Wishbone Chair (1972)

    Arthur Espenet Carpenter

    Wood 22 x 31 1/4 x 22 1/2 in
    Courtesy of Forrest L. Merrill and Tripp Carpenter

  • The Game Table (date unknown)

    John Cederquist

    Wood: maple, purple heart, inlay, dye, birch plywood 48 x 32 x 21 in
    Courtesy of the artist. Photograph by Mike Sasso

Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM)

Golden State of Craft: California 1960-1985

From the 1960s through the mid 1980s a vibrant and innovative group of artists working in California made significant contributions to the American Craft Movement. Working in wood, glass, clay, textiles, and metal, artists produced both functional and non-functional objects that represented an era, a philosophy, and a lifestyle immersed in the power of the handmade. This period also saw the rise of the designer-craftsman movement, which was characterized by a graceful fluidity between the now distinct disciplines of design, manufacture, and studio art. This exhibition will celebrate exceptional works made during these fertile decades, and will also pay tribute to two central figures in the blossoming of the craft field in California; Edith Wyle, founder of the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum and Eudorah Moore, director of the Pasadena Art Museum's California Design exhibition series. The exhibition will consist of approximately 75 objects, representing various mediums, and be accompanied by a historical guide for visitors.
09/25/2011 01/08/2012
Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM)
5814 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036